Private Bank Surplus Sale - Laminated -
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Private Bank Surplus Sale – Laminated

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Private Surplus Sale




Motion Mail Menu, Surplus Sale

About This Project

Our Bank Surplus Sale mailer gets people excited. This is a thick 5.5×11 double laminated mailer with a free gift scratch-off game and custom prize board to be displayed in the dealership. This event generates a lot of traffic and gives dealerships numerous opportunities to sell a vehicle.  Compared to our Bank Surplus Sale saturation mailer, this hefty laminated card gets a much higher conversion percentage. A key factor to the success of is that there is no reference to a dealership or event location on the mail piece. This infinitesimal taste of the unknown has been proven time-and-time again to give recipients surprising incentive to call the number provided on the mailer or complete their information on the web redemption path. That’s why our Bank Surplus Sale has become one of our biggest traffic generators.

This Event Includes:


  • Real-Time Event Analytics
  • Real-Time Internet E-Leads
  • Responder Email Address
  • Recorded Phone Calls
  • Custom Prize Board for the Dealership
  • Great traffic.