Customer Appreciation Letter – Owner Loyalty -
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Customer Appreciation Letter – Owner Loyalty

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Owner Loyalty




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About This Project

Everybody loves to be recognized for the choices they make. Thats why our Owner Loyalty 8.5×11 standard legal letter with a windowless envelope and real a real First Class stamp does so well. We target current owners of manufacturer specific vehicles and offer them big savings just because of the current vehicle they are driving. This mailer does not look like junk mail which you can easily pick out due to the windowed envelope and printed production line bulk postage mark. With this event we also create you a custom Dealer Owner Loyalty website which we direct recipients towards to validate there offer. Don’t let this letter fool you. Great things come in little packages.

This Event Includes:


  • Customer Owner Loyalty Landing Page
  • Real-Time Event Analytics
  • Real-Time Internet E-Leads
  • Responder Email Address & Phone Number
  • Recorded Phone Calls